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Wanna go see Manson and Slayer!?

Wellp, I have tickets. I won them from Channel Q.

...and I can't go. :( I have a play that'll be in rehearsal then.

So, I'll sell them off to whomever wants them, at cost.

Ticketmaster lists them as $38.50 a piece.

The show is August 16th, at 7PM in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the tickets aren't even on SALE yet, but I'd wager they'll sell fast. It's all general admission, so if you get there early, you get a good standing spot.

(Or you can be all hardcore, get there whenever, and mosh and kick ass all the way to the front, which is what I prefer.)

Here's the ticketmaster listing:
Manson/Slayer in Nebraska

...If someone wanted to trade me one for a ticket to Tool, I also might be willing to make a deal, but either way, at least one is up for sale. :D

Shoot me an e-mail here if you're interested!
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