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Breastival '06

Okay, so, maybe this isn't any more important than most of bulletins, but HTML is very tedious and I want <i>someone</i> to look, so yeah, I may have exaggerated a little. The thing is... I'm hopped up on sodas and adrenaline and this show is tomorrow, ya know. Anyway, a word about our donations:

Contributions to the silent auction:
Iowa Beef Steakhouse~ gift certificate for two steak dinners
Body In Motion Therapuetic Massage~ one hour massage
Radisson Hotel (Airport)~ one standard night stay
The House Of Bricks~ 1970 Cadillac DeVille
Personal donation by Amity~ Four free guitar lessons with <b>Russel Nollen</b>

Contributions to the raffle:
Buccaneers~ five sets of two hockey ticket vouchers
The House Of Bricks~ $20 gift certifcate and a free lunch
Personal donation from Maura~ two $20 gift certificates for Sarpinos Pizza

Other donations:
One Nite Stand, Sin Shifter and The Iowa Beef Steakhouse all offered door prizes. Lapel Pin Designs made awesome pink guitar pins for us to sell for only $3. The House Of Bricks also offered door prizes. Show up to find out what we are giving out (t-shirts, CDs, shot glasses and more)


Friday, October 27






A note from Nancy about the Caddy:

Seriously!....The House of Bricks is putting their Caddy in the silent auction for the wonderful boobalicious Breastival Festival on Friday night - October 27th! No reserve so who knows what you can get this baby for. (But hopefully we'll raise lots and lots of money for a very worthy cause....your momma has breasts too.)

<b>Proceeds will be donated to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.</b>

Here's the caddy in a parade last year.

Tell all your friends, especially those who are into older cars.

The skinny on the coupe:

It's a <b>1970 Cadillac DeVille</b>
Slightly altered to permanently be a convertible
Runs well

And if you don't want to keep it to drive:

You can even donate it to another charity and get a tax write-off. At least one charity will give you a $500 write-off for ANY car.

Any car parts enthusiasts can get something great here. It's got a good engine, windshield, etc. Would be a terrific parts car if you decide you don't want to be super cool and drive it around. Some body person might even be able to put the top back on....

So call everyone you think might be interested - car people, parts people, garage people, people with boobs - let's get a few bucks for a great cause and give the caddy a fabulous new home!!!!

You can also 'phone in' your bid. We can add you to the silent auction bidding even if you can't attend. If you're interested, email us and we'll get the proper information from you to get you in on the deal of the century!

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