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A (Renaissance) Faire Affair(e)

The Des Moines Renaissance Faire kicked off its first weekend out at its new PERMANENT site with a bang. In the last month the faire's been featured in Juice, Cityview, the Datebook, and the Des Moines Register as well as various TV news appearances. Maybe you even saw our commercial. I'm somewhere in it, for about half a second. :D

But either way, the faire is running TWO MORE weekends, and since its location is -extremely- close to Grand View, it would be a great way to spend the weekend. Fellow Theatre major Melissa Elder and I are working and performing there both weekends, and we'd LOVE to see some GVC kids out there. Bring your friends, your kids, your parents -- whomever, and jump back through time and see how an English renaissance village might have looked. There are dozens of things to do, buy, and see, as well as eat! There really *is* something for everyone!

Some of the points of interest include:


  • Full-Contact Jousting -- no acting, just pine lances and steel armor and charging horses!
  • Swordfighting -- Up close and personal combats break out daily between the Sheriff and Robin Hood, as well as the several crews of pirates lurking about!
  • Pirates -- Come see the Legendary Scurvvy Dawgs as well as several other pirate troupes cause mischief and mayhem on our Pirate Ship stage!
  • Fairies -- The fae court has deemed Festival Park as a spectacular place to set up camp, so now the faries are everywhere, dusting children with fairy dust and flitting about as well as handing out mysterious Fairy Berries.
  • Wenches -- What faire day would be complete without wenches? Stop in at the tavern, grab a beer, and watch the Tavern Wenches perform, and maybe snap a picture with them after the show!
  • Minstrels -- The faire has several wandering minstrel groups including the local Orkes and Trolles, who sing and play everything from rousing sea shanties to lovely three-part harmonies.
  • The Royal Court -- Queen Katherine and her court oversee the entire faire, and are in and of themselves a strange lot -- meet the Queen, gain her favor, and perhaps you'll recieve a prize!

And of course there are dozens of shops and places to eat with everything from the infamous turkey leg (though not exactly period, still very tasty) to hot dogs and burgers for those more hesitant to take their diets back in time as well.

More information can be found on the faire's website:

The faire's located at Sleepy Hollow, which is about a 10 minute drive from Grand View. It's pretty simple to find. The website features photographic step-by-step directions, which is pretty cool.

Anyhow, it'd be really great to see you guys out there. Stop in at the Tavern and find me or Melissa Elder, and say hey. We'd be more'n happy to wander around with you and introduce to you people and show you the sights. We're featured in the show schedule as The Tavern Wenches, so you could just wait and find us at a show too. :) We'd like it if you laughed at our jokes too. That's right, we're encouraging you to come laugh at us.

This weekend's theme is "Kilts, Celts and Competitions". Next weekend (September 16-17) is "Romance, Rogues and Revelry" weekend, which would make for a fairly good date :D

Any questions not answered by the website can be shot back here to me, or left as e-mail to

Hope to see you there!!

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